Tea Cup Party

49 Guests joined Ceramic Artists
Sally Ann Stahl, Celeste Iida, Evan Vieser, Chris McCormick and Heather Morrow 
for this by invitation only event on
Saturday, July 18, 2009.

The guests selected a hand-made tea cup and enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea
brewed in tea pots created by the artists at
charming Amy’s Patio Café in Altadena. 

The best part was they got to take the tea cup they selected home to enjoy for years to come.

“Take the Tea Cup with You Tea Party”


Amy’s Patio Cafe
900 E. Altadena Dr
Altadena, CA  91001

The guest got to take the tea cup of their choice home to enjoy forever
from one of the following artist:






 Evan Vieser

 Sally Anne Stahl

 Heather Morrow

 Celetse Iida

 Chris McCormick

Why a tea party?

Most of the above artist are "covert" potters. During the week we are mild mannered office coordinators, chefs, IT trainers, etc. We dream of the day when we can be just potters. Add the prevailing economic climate and things don't  look too good.  Enter the Covert Potters Association (CPA). 

The idea for the "Take Your Tea Cup with You Tea Party" started on a drive back from Phoenix, AZ, after the 2009 National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference.  Seven hours of driving and a lot of new information in our heads gave us the incentive to take matters into our own hands.  We could hold to the idea that the economy is bad and there's no reason to even try, or we could do something.  Store sales are down and many stores are not buying new/untried stock.  We decided to take our passion for pottery to the people and stage our own events that would, yes, sell our product, but also cultivate a relationship with our customers. 

Our first event is this Tea Party.  The ceramic artist putting together this event are filled with passion and excitement, believing that the handmade movement and functional art can enrich our daily lives.  We're creating an event that takes art off the shelf and puts it in your hands to use.  Our hope is that the tea party is filled with good food (see the menu below), laughter and beautiful cups (see photos above) that will creating an impression that will last a lifetime; as well as creating a connection with our customers that goes beyond the buyer/seller relationship.

What was on the menu?

Tea (Duh!) (Hot & Cold)

Finger Sandwiches (Turkey & Veggie)
Baked Brie
Arugula Bites with Pears and Blue Cheese
Zucchini Bread (Amy's is famous for their Zucchini Bread)
Homemade Cookies
and a very special suprise sweet treat.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Heather Morrow at 818-257-0338.

What kind of teas were served?

Lady Londonberry
Victorian Rose
Monk's Blend
Green Tea Heaven
Jasmine Dragon Pearls

There will also be iced tea, lemonade and coffee.

Who are the potters?

Celeste Iida has been involved with crafts most of her life.  In 1994 she discovered clay and has not looked back.  When she is not engrossed in creating clay vessels, she is working 9 to 6 in an administrative job.

Heather Morrow has been throwing pottery for 3 years and has recently discovered the pleasure of making functional ware.  She now enjoys drinking tea from tea cups she has made herself.  When she is not throwing on the wheel she is busy with her Creative Souls business which creates mixed medium art experiences - www.cr8ivesouls.com.

Sally Anne Stahl began her pottery career early in life, at 10, trying to sell mudcakes to her friends. Not finding her market, she didn't discover the true joy of clay till her 30's. Since rediscovering her love of mud, she has crisscrossed the country learning all that she could. Currently her focus is on wood fired functional ware.

Chris McCormick was first exposed to working in clay in junior high school.  After more than thirty years he found his way back and has been playing in the mud ever since.  Chris believes in the handmade movement and that functional art can enrich our daily lives in ways that the mass produced object can't.  Always eager to learn new techniques and explore new ideas, Chris looks forward to the day when his passion can be his living. 

Evan Vieser believes that ceramics are objects that are for use.  When a ceramics object is used, there is an interaction that is made between the user and the maker and the earth.


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